The Deathworlders


The Deathworlders

For centuries, the galactic bureaucracy of the Interspecies Dominion considered it impossible for the planets classified as “deathworlds” to produce intelligent civilizations. The daily challenges of simply surviving on those disaster-wracked, plague-ridden, predator-haunted hellholes would surely favour base animals driven by killer instinct rather than thinking sophonts, and so they were ignored by Dominion surveyors and science teams.

The native civilizations of the high-end deathworld known as “Earth,” therefore, came as something of a surprise.

It came as a surprise to humanity as well. Without any other reference point but their own deadly home planet, humans had always considered themselves to be physically unimpressive. Not as strong as a bear, not as fast as a cheetah, not as sharp-eyed as a hawk…But in reality, a human being is one of the most dangerous things ever to evolve in the Milky Way galaxy.

As an ancient and malicious threat slowly turns its attention towards this anomaly, how will the human race be changed by the revelation that the alien life forms we have long dreamed of meeting are vastly inferior to us in every way?

And how will interstellar society react when an ordinary bartender from Texas can tear the worst monsters in the galaxy limb from limb?

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